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Getremed has been providing complete and reliable solutions in the ENT field since 1985. With state-of-the-art knowledge and know-how, we are dedicated to covering the full spectrum of modern otorhinolaryngology and neurosurgery needs, from medical equipment to specialized implants, instruments, tools, high tech operating room.

Getremed LAB

Our services and equipment are based on the latest technology and scientific developments. At Getremed, however, we not only supply high quality equipment, but we have also invested heavily in our laboratory. We provide professional and technical support to the new physician and to the whole ENT and Neurosurgery community, with training seminars on latest surgical technology applications.

Speech Therapy Services

Our company with well-trained staff with extensive experience provides specialized speech therapy services for problems of dysphagia - dyspnea and dysphonia as well as for problems of patients after laryngectomy.

Indicative partnerships

Multi-year partnerships with leading companies and smaller ones on continuous innovation.



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