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SoreLess Throat Spray


Spray to relieve or prevent sore throat.


Soreless Throat Spray

Is an oral spray intened to relief or prevent sore throat
(pharyngitis) during sleep.

  • safe and effective
  • easy to use
  • without preservatives
  • no sugar

Mode of Action:

Soreless Throat Spray takes advantage of the ability of certain oils to relieve and alleviate pain; use of these oils as part of the preparation for bed can help eliminate or alleviate sore throat during sleep.
Soreless Throat Spray is used for treating, soothing or reducing the severity of sore throat during sleep.
Soreless Throat Spray provides a protective oily coating to the throat made of a combination of herbal oils known for their soothing qualities and medicinal potential. The oily coating, forms a thin protective film, which prevents bacteria and yeast from developing or settling on the pharynges, thereby protecting them, reducing the severity of pharyngitis and allowing the damaged tissue to heal.
Soreless Throat Spray is all natural and free of preservatives, sugar or alcohol.

Almond oil, Marjorm oil, Myrrh oil, Chamomile oil, Orange oil, Spearmint oil,
Mono-Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate.