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ASO FIRST PLAST – Nasal dilators

ASO FIRST PLAST – Nasal dilators


We’re pleased to introduce our newest product enhancements, featuring an advanced secure-hold adhesive and specialized breathable materials. As you have come to expect, our nasal strips still provide excellent value—and now perform even better! With our patented and proven nasal strip designs, ASO products ensure that you provide your customer with a high-quality nasal strip that provides an instant and drug-free solution for breathing problems caused by congestion and snoring. As a leader in private label innovation, we are continuously improving and always evolving to meet the needs of the growing market.

One Product: Several Uses

Nasal strips provide a drug-free solution for the most common breathing problems. Whether it’s snoring or congestion from allergies or colds, nasal strips offer a simple, fast-acting, and effective way to provide relief and better sleep. Improvement may take seven to 10 days. If after 10 days snoring has not improved, it may indicate a more serious condition and you should consult your physician.

In addition to enhanced breathing for sleep and rest, nasal strips can also be used for better breathing during periods of exercise and activity. Use of a nasal strip may improve breathing, which can produce physiological benefits leading to better physical endurance. Apply 30 minutes prior to exercising.

How The Nasal Dilator Works

By genetic design, the nasal valve of the nose is the narrowest part of the nasal airway and accounts for more than half of the airway resistance during nasal breathing (Bachman and Legler, 1972). Reduced airway resistance is achieved when the thin, comfortable polymer spring contained in the nasal strip gently opens nasal passages in the nostrils. Our patented design and advanced adhesive technology holds the strip comfortably in place over the bridge of the nose. The new perforated material increases breathability.

Better Sleep – Every Night Use

Millions of people have trouble getting a good night’s sleep. And the quality of our sleep has a big impact on our mental concentration and attitude the next day. Lack of good quality sleep on a regular basis can have a long-term negative effect on our daily lives. Using nasal strips every night can provide better sleep and a better day for anyone who has nighttime breathing problems due to nasal congestion and restriction. And the nasal strip solution is drug- and latex-free so there’s no lingering or long-term effects that medication-based sleep aids can produce. Wake up refreshed and rested without groggy side effects.

Better Sleep – Reduced Snoring

In technical terms, enhanced nasal breathing is achieved when the cross-sectional area of the isthmus of the nasi is increased. This increased cross-sectional area allows the velocity of the air in the nasal passages to be reduced. This decreased velocity airflow will also decrease the change in pressure through the nose (according to Bernoulli’s law) and result in less tissue vibration. This tissue vibration is commonly referred to as “snoring.”

In non-technical terms, this means that by opening the nasal passages, we can breathe with slower, deeper breaths during sleep. As a result, soft tissue in the breathing passages is less likely to vibrate.

A second benefit of using nasal strips at night is that when nasal passages are opened, we are more apt to sleep with our mouths closed. This helps reduce snoring and the occurrence of dry mouth.

Better Sleep – Cold & Allergy Relief

Swelling of nasal passages and congestion due to colds, flu and viruses can cause breathing difficulties, which may reduce the quality and quantity of peaceful sleep. As rest is an essential part of overcoming a cold or flu, the lack of peaceful sleep may actually extend the duration of the illness. The use of nasal strips (also known as nasal dilators) is a drug-free way to open the nasal passages. With the nasal passages opened, breathing difficulties can be reduced or eliminated allowing a more restful sleep. Use of the nasal strips may provide much-needed relief from symptoms of nasal congestion. Since the nasal strips are drug-free, they can be used with other over-the-counter and prescription cold and flu medicines without fear of drug interactions. Wake up alert, refreshed, and ready for your day!