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August 2, 2019
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August 2, 2019
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Neurosurgical drill Midas Rex Medtronic

Neurosurgical drill Midas Rex Medtronic


Midas Rex® Legend

Electric High-Speed System

Legendary Midas Rex® power is now available in three innovative, high-speed electric motors.

Midas Rex® Legend EHS® Motor uses patented technology to produce pneumatic-like power with less noise.

Midas Rex® Legend EHS Stylus® Motor provides proven power in a compact size, well-suited for tight spaces.

Midas Rex® Legend® Stylus Touch™ Motor offers the proven performance of the the Legend EHS Stylus® with an integrated finger control.

All options deliver exceptional ease of use and unparalleled performance.

Midas Rex® Legend EHS Stylus® Motor • Quiet, small and lightweight • Well-suited for a range of procedures • Quick set-up and easy-to-use design • Adjustable speed from 200 to 75,000 rpm

Midas Rex® Legend EHS® Motor • The first electric motor with Midas Rex® power and precision • Patented technology enables more power with less heat • Excellent heat profile/duty cycle due to superior motor efficiency

The Integrated Power Console (IPC®) System operates all three Legend® electric motors • Customizable default speeds for each drill • IntelliFlow™ remote control irrigation allows precise flow control from the sterile field • Intuitive user-interface aids in quick set-up and proper cable connections

Interchangeable tools and attachments work with all Midas Rex® Legend® motors • Comprehensive attachments and tools available for a variety of procedures and every motor • Angled options offer added versatility • Color-coded for easy identification