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August 3, 2019
Instrument set fess Fentex
August 3, 2019
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Rhinoplasty instrument set Fentex

Rhinoplasty instrument set Fentex

1 nasal speculum COTTLE, length 135mm, 35mm-55mm-75mm
2 nasal forceps JANSEN (GRUENWALD), bayonet, 16cm και 19cm
3 nasal scissorsHEYMANN, working length 95mm
4 nasal loop KRAUSE, length 180mm
5 elevator FREER double end , 4.3/4.6mm, 180mm
6 Septum elevator LEMPERT-JOSEPH, 175mm, 5mm
7 Septum elevator MASING, double end , 215mm
8 Elevator  COTTLE, double end, 220mm
9 Hammer COTTLE, 335g, length  180mm
10 bone chisel COTTLE, straight, width 4mm length18.5cm
11 bone chisel  WALTER , 190mm, 4.5mm
12 Bone chisel KILLIAN-CLAUS, bayonet, 165mm, 5mm
13 Bone chisel MASING, right and left, 180mm
14 hook COTTLE, length140mm
15 retractor AUFRICHT, 60mm, length 170mm
16 Hook KILNER, sharp, two prongs, 10mm, 85mm
17 Scissors STEVENS, curved, 105mm
18 scissors  RAYNOLDS, curved , diamond, 150mm
19 Scissors COTTLE,working length 85mm, 160mm
20 Scissors METZENBAUM, curved, blunt, 145mm
21 Needleholder CRILE-WOOD, diamond, length 150mm
22 Rasp AUFRICHT, 210mm
23 Diamond Rasp, Coarse/Medium, 200mm
24 Diamond Rasp, Medium/Fine, 200mm
25 fascia press COTTLE, 28mm
26 Suction FRAZIER, working length 100mm, Ø3mm
(9charr.) -  Ø3&1/3 mm (10charr.) -  Ø4mm (12charr.)
27 Forceps BLAKESLEY, 3.5mm, 110mm, straight and angled upwards 45o
28 Forceps ADSON–BROWN, 7 x 7, length 120mm
29 Columela clamp COTTLE, length105mm
30 Septum forceps, KNIGHT, working length 110mm
31 Sickle knife, 190mm
32 Dressing forceps BACKHAUS,110mm

4 pcs

33 Instruments sterilization tray

dimensions 600mm x 270mm x 105mm, with wire mesh basket