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August 2, 2019
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Drill surgic PRO NSK Japan

Drill surgic PRO NSK Japan.


It takes only an instant for users of the new NSK Surgic Pro to familiarize and
become confident with the handling of the surgical micromotor system. NSK
understands the surgeons' requirements in regards to ergonomic balance
and precise performance suitable for a wide range or clinical applications.
NSK Surgic Pro is the 5th generation of NSK surgical micromotor systems. In
the last 25 years NSK has continuously developed innovative high-tech
micromotors to meet the evolving needs of various surgical applications.
Surgic Pro is designed for reliability and manufactured with highest durability
standards in mind. Surgic Pro is a micromotor that combines high torque
with excellent balance that surgeons can confidently rely on.

The NSK Surgic Pro is a compact, stylish and light-weight system. The system
performs at a wide range of speed settings (200 min-1 - 40,000 min-1) and
allows for various surgical applications with maximum safety in mind.
The backlight LCD screen is simple to operate and allows immediate
recognition of all operating parameters.
The console and foot control have been designed for ergonomic ease of use
during complex procedures.

Shorter and Lighter - Evolutionary
surgical micromotor
Micromotor Non-Optic
maintenance free brushless design