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August 1, 2019
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Portable headlight HCM China

Portable headlight HCM China.


This 6W LED headlight is mainly used for deep surgery, such as ENT , neurosurgery, cardio surgery, blood vessel surgery, spine surgery,

etc., intensity is 3 times of traditional 5W headlight, super bright with light weight.

1. It uses high quality material so as to achieve an excellent illumination effect.

2. The head loop is adjustable.

3. Provide high capacity battery, which makes the headlight work at high intensity for long time.

4. Voltage: 95 to 240v.

5. Led power is 6W

6. Color temperature is 6,500K.

7. Intensity is 110,000Lx.

8. Battery working hour is 4 hours, charge time is 3 hours.