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May 21, 2021
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July 7, 2021
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Magnifying Magnifiers TTL XC-VIEW 2.8 LERCHER

Χειρουργικές μεγεθυντικές λούπες ΤΤL μεγέθυνσης 2.8x, με ελαφρύ sport σκελετό (38gr).


Surgical magnifying magnets TTL magnification 2.8x, with colored sport frame (38gr).

The special composition and construction of the lenses from the absolute clarity and clarity of color, visual character distortions, clear colors and emergence if light reflection

Available anti-glare phen.

Available range of vision 110 mm.

Available depth of 200 mm.

Prayers for carefully 420 mm.

Optionally available photos photo lighting (for 12gr).

Available 3 brightness display 20000-60000 lux, Theresia diagram 5600ko

They have a range of 7 hours at 60,000Lux.



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