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August 1, 2019
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Video nystagmography system Vertigo Hommoth

Video nystagmography system Vertigo Hommoth.


The Homoth VNG4000 is designed after the latest knowledge of computer technology
and examination needs. The operation is complete menu controlled, so the use is very
easy, especially for untrained medical staff. The eye-movements of the patient are
recorded via a small video-camera and evaluated in real time. The presentation of the
movements is horizontal and vertical, the artefacts are suppressed. The combined
video mask is used for partial free-sight- and dark-measurement.
The evaluation can be done automatically by the computer. Additional a manual
evaluation or a correction of the automatically evaluation is possible.
With the basic version, software for spontaneous, caloric and position tests is included.
A software upgrade for tracking test, rotating chair test and free test mode (includes a
dyslexia test) is available by purchasing the extended software dongle.
Results and patient data can be stored on the local PC or, if the computer is part of a
network, on the server for backup reasons.
All measurement result as well as all curves and data can be printed out for
documentation or for patient’s letter of referrals.