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August 2, 2019
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August 2, 2019
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Diagnostic audiometer Model 240 Amplivox England

The Amplivox 240 is an inexpensivediagnostic audiometer, which is ideal for
both desktop and mobile use.


The Amplivox 240 is an inexpensive
diagnostic audiometer, which is ideal for
both desktop and mobile use.
The Amplivox 240 offers air and bone
conduction audiometry. Standard features
include silent operation selectors, narrow
band masking, an attenuator range up to
120 dBHL and easily read displays.
Ease of Use
The clearly laid out control panel makes
diagnostic testing as simple and
straightforward as possible. The threshold
retention function reduces test time and
gives a higher level of test subject concentration.
Results can be saved in memory, printed
with the optional printer and/or transferred
to a PC with the optional NOAH interface.
Fully Portable
Designed to satisfy all domiciliary testing
requirements, the Amplivox 240 can be
supplied with an optional battery power
function in addition to the standard mains
power adaptor. Its compact size, lightness
and power options make this a totally
portable diagnostic audiometer.